UNICOSPORT | deelux track 700 T €.349,00
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deelux track 700 T €.349,00

deelux track 700 T €.349,00

Unico sport pratica lo snowboard hard dal 1989

Vieni a trovarci e prova il track 700 termoformatoThe high flyer of the hardest now with a thermoliner! Pure racing fun without any squeezing…nearly compareable to a softy!

+ 3-Part Shell Design: three-part shell design with lower shell,colar and flextongue for free, progressive forwardflex, convenient stepping in and out, possibility to change by simply replacing the tongue.
+ 5-Step Forward Lean Mechanism: maximum of comfort and adjustment possibilities. Five forward lean positions are easily adjustable, walkmode, freeride mode, free flex between the positions 3 and 5.
+ Spring Forward Lean Mechanism: continuously adjustable in hardness and forward lean angle, achieves a progressive forward pressurization. Force peaks at the backside are reduced by an elastomere. Adjusted into the desired position and progression by a screw. It can be easliy exchanged with the mechanism on the boot.
+ New Buckle System: improved force transmission when closing the hardboot, finer control of the closing force by the microadjustability of the buckles, morerigid buckle design and a stronger locking force. To ensure a free flex of the boot, the tounge is fixed by a cable.

+ best heel support and optimal force transmission.
+ Thermoflex Custom Fit: Thermoflex liner system ensures a 100% adaptation of the liner to foot and shoe at a very lowweight and unique insulation. Maximum of wearing comfort at perfect force transmission.

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